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Josh Heinrichs


Good Vibes Album Review

Released: 2016

Good Vibes Album Review

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I’ve been thinking of the right way to review the perfect album.

My first thoughts about Josh Heinrichs new album “Good Vibes” were, “Okay,  I'm on song  5 on my first listen through and loving every note. I mean  I could eat it for you and tell you how it tastes, or I could say why don't YOU eat it and tell ME how it tastes!  My opinion: It's one of the BEST albums I've EVER heard!!! ...Can't imagine song 6 "Like an Angel" will let me down...wait...is that a melodica? Holy shit! E.N Young's on here too?? I'm sold, now you listen and sell YOURSELF!!!! “

After that I listened to 4 more brilliant songs that only helped to solidify the album in it’s high ranking place in my heart and beg me for a more complete analysis of the whole album. Simply put Josh Heinrichs is a phenomenal artist and his songwriting is matched equally by his flawless voice.  Wonderful collaborations help form this album into a truly feel good love fest with performances from Inna Vision, E.n Young, Skillinjah and even Josh’s 3 kids Kaya, Aston & Olivia!

“Good Vibes” is proof that Josh just keeps gets better with time and Josh is proof that you can have it all: Family, Friends and a THRIVING career in music!!! I’m very proud of my Midwest brother and am truly excited for the rest of you to hear it when “Good Vibes”  drops this FRIDAY, March 11th!!!!

**Pre-order YOURS TODAY >>> https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/good-vibes/id1083972531 <<<**

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