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Released: 2014


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Tatanka’s new self-titled album showcases the strong musicianship of the Colorado homegrown quartet and their unique blend of unexpected rhythms, pulsing bass grooves, hauntingly cool electric guitars and vintage electro soundscapes. Calm vocals sing the perfect amount of lyrics leaving plenty of room for dynamic musical interludes to build and break. E.N Young of Tribal Seeds co-produced ‘Tatanka’ at his SoCal recording studio and provided the album with additional layers of traditional reggae bubble organ and syncopated keys. Flowing from start to finish in a well-thought-out song order, ‘Tatanka’ takes listeners on a journey exploring the sounds of dub, progressive reggae and dancehall. ‘Tatanka’ features guest performances from reggae legend Triston Palma, E.N Young, Maad T-Ray of Tribal Seeds and Passafire. Key tracks include “Reward Them”, “Make It Count”, “Give Green” and “The Yard”. The album’s second single, “Make It Count”, debuted at #14 on the iTunes Reggae Song Chart and the video for the single features footage from Tatanka’s sessions at Imperial Sound Recording Studio.
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