Soulfiya: Jam's Space 10 Year Anniversary Concert – A440 Fest

Soulfiya is an influential veteran of the American reggae scene who has been actively leading the charge and waving the banner of Caribbean/American Reggae music for 15+ years. His accomplishments include being featured on a Billboard Reggae Top 10 album (Champion Sound by Skillinjah) and gracing the iTunes Top 5 in 2019 with his Bushdoctor EP (#3). In addition, Fiya’s solo releases REALITY(#44) and ONE (#16) both debuted inside the Top 50 within their genre.

Soulfiya’s music blends reggae, dancehall, dub, soca, cumbia, and hip-hop to create a raucous, and unquestionably unique, authentic sound that keeps the energy HIGH. To date, he has performed in 39 states, 4 nations and shared the stage with countless contemporary and legendary reggae icons.

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